Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Year, New Me?

Happy 2016, Peeps!  This is the moment where, ten days into the new year, we are all deciding whether making those goals while under the influence of bad champagne and pork and sauerkraut was a stupid idea or just freaking brilliant.  I dunno.  I tend to make goals all the time, so I'm not going to say that the new year was vastly different for me.  Let's review last year's goals:

1.  Run at least 1,100 miles.  Result: Yes!  I think it was 1156.

2.  Run a sub-2-hour half marathon.  Result: No.  I did worse at the Akron Half Marathon this year than I did last year.  Ok, it was worse by about 20 seconds, AND the course was way tougher, but still.  Fail.

3. Race Blogging: I was shooting for Akron, Cleveland, and Hot Chocolate.  Akron never contacted me, and I decided not to do Hot Chocolate this year, but I did have some great bonuses.

Bonus #1: I blogged for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Race Series, and it was a fun experience.  Jim Chaney, race director of the series, is an incredible guy (read my post about him here), and I thank him for the opportunity to pick his brain about what goes on behind the scenes of a race.

Bonus #2: I was so happy to be a #RunCLE Ambassador this year.  I met some amazing people (who are also amazing runners), and I learned a lot from them.

PR shot at the VIP Reception for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon.  We clean up!

Our first meeting.  In a bar, of course.

Before the race.  We were already wilting in the heat.
This year, I am proud and excited to announce that I will again be #RunCLE Ambassador for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, AND I am lucky enough to be a part of their new race series.  As of right now, I have decided to run the 8k/Half Marathon series.  I would love for Cleveland to be the site of my first full marathon, but the training season for a spring race doesn't work out for me.  Stay tuned to my blog because every week one of the Ambassadors (including me) will be offering a race entry giveaway.  I will post links to each giveaway.  Better yet, follow them on their blogs or social media sites:

Official Ambassadors

4. Extending the long run to 15 miles.  Result:  I didn't do this, but I will have to this year because--Peeps:

2016 is the year of the marathon for Stephani!  

Yep.  I will be running away from trouble and running towards 26.2.  

I have plenty of ideas on how to get there, and I have lots of plans for improving my running and strength.  I won't share all of my plans with you now, but be prepared for some experimentation with doses of runner's high, sweat, and possibly some swear words.  Nothing you haven't seen/heard from me already, right?

My mom sent me this hat.  It lit up until I broke it.  I'm adorable, right?

Until then, run happy, Peeps!

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