Sunday, January 31, 2016

Training is Confusing

I am a bookworm and a geek.  I love learning stuff, and the first place I go when I want to learn is a book.  It makes sense, then, that when I decided to register for

My first marathon (!!!)

I borrowed a bunch of books from the library.

I'm a bit crazy driven and these books are confusing!

That's right, Peeps, I pulled the trigger and registered for the Akron Marathon.  Ever since the running bug bit me in the ankles after my first half marathon, I've always known that one day I would run a full marathon.  Although there was much pressure from my fellow Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors to make the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon my first, I know that I won't be able to handle the training at this time of year.  It breaks my heart that I can't do it then because I love Cleveland's course and support, but there is some poetic justice in making Akron my first since it was my first half marathon and I live on the Blue Line of the old course.

Before I move on, I just need to get something out of my system.  For years I have seen runners around my neighborhood sporting the snazzy jacket given for running the Akron full.  When I started running, I craved that jacket.  It is an object of envy; it tells everyone that you were able to go the distance.  

Look at the jackets.  I WANT THE JACKET, AKRON MARATHON!

Unfortunately, those of us who are making the leap to the full marathon will not have a jacket to show for it this year.  The organizers decided to give a long-sleeve tech tee this year.  Just like the half marathoners get every year.  When some friends and I questioned a rep on the Akron Marathon Facebook page, the answer was that in post-race surveys most runners said they prefer a long sleeve shirt to the jacket.  Really?  I call shenanigans.  Akron, get your act together.  We want the freakin' jacket as our swag.  I have enough shirts.

Ok, back to the books.
Don't they look cute on my UAkron blankie?

After reading and comparing them, I've decided that I'm DEFINITELY not doing the Hanson's Method.  That is some crazy stuff right there.  Just. No.

Beyond that, I'm not really certain which training program I'll use.  I found one online that I like, too. What I'm grateful for is that at least three of these books gave me consistent training and racing paces, so I suppose I can cobble together a plan for myself using pieces of the programs I like.  

My most important takeaway from all the books together (combined with my new heart rate monitor): I've got to stop running like a bat outta hell for every single run.  There is a time and a place, and recovery is just as important as speed.  I've applied this lesson using my heart rate monitor since Christmas, and I think it's going to do me some good.  If I don't smash the stupid thing first.

Anyway, my first main training goal will be for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Series.  I'm running the 8k and the Half, and I'm going to train smart to do it.  Will you join me, Peeps?  Check out the #CLEMarathon Ambassadors for giveaways (mine will be in a month or so) or sign up now.  We'll have a beer together after the race.  Until then, run happy, Peeps!

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