Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Product Review: SLS3 Compression Socks

Last Sunday I ran 15 miles on the Towpath--the longest distance I've ever run at one time.  I was very nervous about the distance, but it was a great run.  The weather was beautiful, and the company was even more beautiful:

I love my running Peeps!  
Although I like running by myself, I am so glad that Mandy, Shelby, and Jen came out with me.  They were able to keep the crazy away, and because we kept the pace slow, I didn't get into the silent, ugly period I usually have in the last two miles.  Thank you, Peeps!  You are MAH-velous.

After that run, I made sure to do lots of stretching in the parking lot and at home, and I drank a protein shake to help with recovery.  After a long shower, I pulled on a pair of compression socks and did Legs-up-the-Wall pose--my favorite form of recovery (that doesn't involve beer or ice cream).

I am new to compression-wear.  I own one other pair of compression socks and one pair of compression sleeves because now I am hooked!  I love the SLS3 Compression Socks.  I am a women's size 10, so I ordered the S/M and they fit perfectly--just the right amount of compression.  I am wearing them right now after my run, and my legs feel so good!

Butterflies make me happy. So do naps.

Not only that, the socks are super-cute.  I chose the black with purplish butterflies, and I really like them.  If I had to leave the house right now, I'd have no problem wearing these in public.  It's really hot here lately, but the socks don't feel too warm; on the contrary, the compression makes me feel much better after a sweaty run (and a shower).  I'm training for my first marathon, so I am putting a lot more miles on these legs than I ever have before, and I think the SLS3 Compression Socks really help with recovery.

Do you want to try compression wear?  You could check out the SLS3 webpage, OR you can go to Amazon and order them there for half price!!!

I haven't run in compression socks, but I did a trail run in calf sleeves.  I'm curious, Peeps.  How do you wear your compression wear--as recovery or during the run?  And why?

Next week the mileage goes up to 16, which is better than the 18 I had written down.  Shelby and Mandy, who have more experience than I do with marathon training, told me that 18 was too much of a jump in one week, so I will be smart and listen to them.  I admit that 16 miles make me less nervous than 18.

Until then, run happy, Peeps!

SLS3 sent me these compression socks for review; all opinions are my own.  

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