Monday, April 11, 2016

And the Winner Is. . .

Thanks so much for your comments on the blog and on Twitter this week, Peeps!  I'm so grateful to you for reading my posts each week and following me on my journey, and I'm so grateful to the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon for allowing me to be a Cleveland Marathon Ambassador.  Check further in the post for the winner of this week's giveaway.

After a lot of thought about what happened to me at the race last week, I decided that I was just going to monitor my situation. . . literally.  I poured through pages of data from my heart monitor to find the last time I had a similar episode, and I realized that it was in the middle of a trail run and I was lacking fuel. I think that this time I went out way too fast, and that is what triggered my reaction.  I am going to wear the heart rate monitor for my next race, which is probably going to be the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon 8k.  If all goes well, I'm good to go for the half marathon the next day.

Looking forward to that 13.1!

Today I went running with Mandy.  We did the Covered Bridge Loop in the Valley.  It was soooo cold, but I really enjoyed the run.  Mandy is coming back from shin splints, so we took it nice and easy.  The route has a few hills in the middle miles, and then it is nice and flat.  In the middle of it, we encountered the Mother Runners, who were doing 40k or something crazy like that.

I call this shot "Oh, Mandy." 

Mandy finished after eight miles, and I kept going for two more.  Ten miles really makes it a good day for me.

Tonight my family is taking me out for dinner for my birthday (which is on Tuesday), and they are being extra nice to me.  I figure I can milk this for about a week since we can't actually celebrate on my birthday.  What did my husband get me?  Stay tuned to find out.

Well, here it is, the great reveal.  The winner of one race entry for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon is

Nina D!

Congratulations, Nina!  I will contact you through email, and when you respond I will send you the entry code.

Didn't get lucky this week?  No worry, there is still one more week left in Cleveland Marathon Ambassador Giveaway.  Check here for the list of Ambassadors.  Of course, you still have plenty of time to register for your favorite race, OR you can click here to share in the fun by volunteering.

Join me, Peeps!  I'm looking to have tons of fun!  Until then, run happy, Peeps!

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