Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Birthday Week(s)

Happy birthday to me!  Today I am 45, and I love it!

You probably know somebody like me: I'm the one who celebrates her birthday as long as possible.  It starts when I get my first card in the mail (thanks, Audra!), and it ends when I say it ends.

Here are some things that made my week so wonderful:

We didn't recognize each other because we were not in running clothes.
I finally met the #CLEMarathon Ambassadors this week, and they are every bit as fabulous as their blogs and tweets.  We had some treats, some drinks, some CUPCAKES (thanks, Stephanie), and we talked a LOT.  If you have not followed their blogs, it is not too late, Peeps.  Check them out here.

Starbucks gave me a free drink for my birthday.  Hello, Java Chip Frappucino!  Yes, I like being able to chew my liquids.

This isn't running related, and I'll talk about it on my education blog,, but I learned this week that I was selected to be a 2015 Lead PBS Digital Innovator, and I'm so pumped!  Here is the bio from their web page:

Stephani Itibrout



Read the Full Bio
Stephani is an English teacher and blended learning teacher at Medina High School in Medina, Ohio. Stephani knows that learning is messy, and Blended Learning is especially messy. She loves seeing the light bulbs illuminate above her students' heads when a seemingly chaotic project suddenly clicks into place.
Favorite PBS LearningMedia resource: Michael Palin’s Hemingway Adventure: Paris
The weather has been fabulous, and today I celebrated my birthday with a ten mile run with Joy on the Towpath from the Big Indian to downtown Akron and back.

Pre-run pic (while we still look fabulous)
When I got home, my family gave me beautiful letters and cards and a Stephen King novel.  Then the strawberries from Edible Arrangements arrived (thanks, Bill, Jess, and Ella!), and I stuffed one in my pie-hole.

Tonight I look forward to going to Bar Cento for dinner, where I will eat pizza and french fries because--hey-- my birthday.

Run sunny today, Peeps!

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