Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hinckley Trails

Sometimes you just gotta shake up the ol' routine, Peeps.  That is why this Sunday I tried something different: I ran a trail I didn't know with a group of people I didn't know.

I thought I was joining a Mother Runners trail run, but it turned out to be a mishmash of Medina runners (say that five times fast), most of whom I recognized from lurking on various running sites.  I was a bit intimidated at first because Medina Road Runners are super-speedy, but the leaders of the pack were very kind about slowing down and waiting for the rest of us to catch up.

The trails were beautiful, especially with the snow coming down.  They were difficult in some places, too.  One mile of very technical climbing, which included my choice to scoot down an incline on my ass.

This was steeper than it looks.

Runners waiting at the bottom.

I got a lot of bang for my buck here.  In 7.71 miles I experienced the following fun: a stream crossing (nothing like getting your feet wet in feels-like-10-degree weather), a huge hill that I made my bitch, climbing down from Whipp's Ledges, scooting on my butt for part of it, nice running companions, beautiful scenery around Hinckley lake, and this suprise bonus:

I found a decorated Christmas tree on the trail!

It's always good to step outside your comfort zone, Peeps.  It's important to me to try new things, but mostly it's important to me to expand my world a little bit.  I tend to get grouchier and more set in my ways as I get older. What?  STOP LAUGHING.   It's good to listen to others and try to be nice once in a while.  I hope I can run with my new friends sometime soon!

How will you step outside your comfort zone, Peeps?

Whatever you do, I hope you run happy!

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