Sunday, February 14, 2016

Don't Dread the Treadmill!

     The weather has been sub-zero all week, Peeps.  I actually got my first snow day on Thursday!

Ever wonder what teachers do on snow days?

     Have I ever shared my theory about how we get snow days at my school?  It all centers around my planned workout combined with weather and time I have to get ready for school.  The equation looks something like this:

Planned workout (must be completely sweaty cardio to ensure that I can't possibly go back to bed)
Weather (snow OR -20 or lower OR icy rain MUST hit around 5:00 AM)
Prep time (must be considering forgoing makeup and/or blow drying hair because need more drive time)
Snow Day!

     There are some other factors to weigh, of course.  For example, did I make the mistake of anticipating a snow day by taking home some papers to grade?  Subtract possibility points.  Did I make the prediction the night before on social media?  Bad mojo.  Subtract points.

     This sounds crazy, but the system works.  On Thursday I got the call when I was in mile 3 of a treadmill run, and I was just thinking that I have to at least go 5 miles, but then I would braid my hair instead of blowing it dry.

Whattya think?  Am I psychic?
     So, the downside to having a snow day is not being able to go outside.  There has been a wind chill advisory for this area all weekend, and I know from prior experience that I shouldn't be outside if the temps are below 20 degrees, with or without windchill.  This morning it was bright and sunny, and I thought, "Hmmm. . . maybe," until I looked at the weather channel and it said -2.  Nope.

This is EXACTLY how I look when I say, "Nope."

     Today's treadmill run was 10 miles.  Here are some ways that I was able to survive it:

1. Plan your route.  You would never just run out your door and hope you hit ten miles somewhere, right?  Why do it on the treadmill?  I planned what I would watch on Netflix. Just like you want a variety of scenery in a long run, plan a variety of material to watch.  Today I finished a movie I had started a week ago (Chef--GREAT film), then I moved to an episode of Supernatural.  I finished my run with two episodes of M*A*S*H, which was a good way to end it because the episodes are short.  By the time I got sick of the run, I was able to tell myself that I only had one more episode left.

2.  Give yourself a break and a treat.  Sometimes on the long run I take a GU, and I allow myself to walk while I eat it.  Since I really look forward to that break, I make sure that I bring a flavor I really like, and I make sure to take it more than halfway through the run.  On the treadmill, the benefits are that I don't have to carry anything, and I can actually eat food as fuel.  Today I brought a banana and water bottle, and I REALLY looked forward to that banana. After the snack, I can look at the other side of the break as the short end of the run.

3.  Tune out when you need to. I plan for this blog post, I plan my lessons, I plan my next family vacation.  More importantly, I plan EXACTLY what I'm going to eat for the rest of the day.  

Actually, I make sure my meals are a proper balance of carbs, protein, and green vegetables.    Wine counts as a fruit, right?
Just don't tune out so much that you drift on the treadmill.  Not. Good.

4.  This may be the most important way to "not mind" a treadmill: Cover the mileage screen.  Seriously.  If there is one piece of advice you actually follow from this post, make it this one.

Anyway, I really miss getting outside, and I hope to get back out there next week. To all my peeps who are training for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, you are true badasses.  I see your treadmill long runs of 16 miles, and all I can say is DAMN!  I bow down to your greatness.  Someday that will be me, but hopefully not on the treadmill.  If it has to be, though, I think now I can survive it (with enough snacks).

This is EXACTLY how I look when I think I can survive a treadmill run!

Good luck and run happy, Peeps!

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