Sunday, February 22, 2015

RunCLE Giveaway!

That's right, Peeps!  This week I get to reward you for sticking with me by offering up a chance at a free race entry for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon.  Yay!  First, you'll have to read about my trail run, though.


Today I ran part of the Fools 25k course in Peninsula with Renee, Cassie, Deb, and Darrell.  We actually started with about fifty other people, as it was a Vertical Runner event, but those fifty people dashed by very quickly and left us in the woods.

This is EXACTLY how I look when I'm relieved I can stop to pose for a picture.  Oh, and this is Darrel and Renee.
Photo credit:  Cassie Baldwin

The trails were gorgeous; I had never seen this area in Peninsula before, and frankly, I felt like I was running in Narnia.

Mr. Tumnus is waiting on the other side of the bridge.
Photo credit:  Renee Milhalyov
It was soooo crazy-difficult!  The snow was deep in many places, and despite the fifty people who ran just before us, the trail wasn't as packed down as I had hoped it would be.  It was also very. . . slide-y.  No, I don't mean slippery; I mean that our feet slid in the loose snow (no ice).   I thought I would be able to run ten miles with Renee (who is a badass trail runner), but at mile 5, instead of fueling, I decided to take the shortcut back, and we got in almost eight miles.  Renee kindly reminded me that eight trail miles are definitely equivalent to more than ten road miles, even if we walked the hills.

I'm not particularly fond of trail running, but I think it's important for me to switch up my runs, and like most of you, I have been dying to get outside.  Trail running is a good strength workout, and I'm pretty sure that those hills gave me the strongest glutes EVER.  I'm really looking forward to my yoga recovery workout tomorrow, and I'll definitely be spending some time this evening in my legs-up-the-wall pose.
Renee and me about two miles away from the finish.  Notice my rosy glow from the tropical 20-degree weather?
Photo credit:  Renee Milhalyov
So, here we go, Peeps.  You know that I am lucky enough to be writing these posts as a Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Ambassador.  Each week one of us will be hosting a giveaway ( so follow these wonderful bloggers) and this is my week.  Here is the deal:  You can't redeem or trade this prize for cash, so if you've already registered, I can't reimburse you.  Enter the Rafflecopter (only once), and score extra entries for commenting on this post and following me and the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon on Twitter, and next week Rafflecopter will randomly generate a winner.  Questions?  Ask me in the comments.  Of course, if you don't win, or if you can't wait, you can always register here!  Good luck, Peeps, and thanks for running with me!

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