Sunday, February 9, 2014

40 Degrees Warmer. . .and STILL COLD!

Ohio has really taken a beating so far this winter.  I have had nine snow/extreme cold days, and we just started February.  There were a few days that it was colder in Ohio than it was in Alaska.

It was with this thought that I bundled up and went running on my favorite trail with my peeps this morning.  As I drove Deidre to the meet up point, I said, "Hey, this is going to be great!  It's forty degrees warmer this week than it was two weeks ago!  How about that?"  Deidre was not impressed, since that meant we were still going to run in twenty-degree weather.  Honestly, I was dreading this run because I could see that the roads were crappy, and I couldn't tell which clothes to wear.  Note to self:  When it is snowing, you do NOT need to wear your puffy running jacket.  You will be TOO WARM.

When we got started, I felt great, and I took off.  Boom!

This is EXACTLY how I look when I take off quickly on the trail.  These are my running peeps with me.

When I realized that I had just TORN off from the group, I stopped and waited (and blew my nose).  Then I got cold.

This is EXACTLY how I look when I stop running and get cold on the trail.  The S is for Stephani,  of course.

We did six miles, and I have to say that I feel fabulous!  I always forget that I love running in the snow (until I go running in the snow).

On a side note, Suegene confirmed my deepest suspicion about myself as a runner:  I am not truly a runner until I can blow snot rockets.  It is true, and alas, I am still not there.  I carry tissues.  I am an impostor.

I have set myself up for a great week, and the week will be much better when I find that damned groundhog and KILL IT.

Tell the truth: Can you blow snot rockets?

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