Sunday, April 21, 2013

Mother's Day Prep

The Munroe Falls Mother's Day 5k was the first race I ever ran. It was a small race--about 400 runners/walkers--but to me it was huge and important. It was proof that I am a runner. I remember thinking that if I could ONLY hit a ten-minute mile on this race, I would be satisfied. This was the race where Teresa, Deidre, and I started our fist-bumping tradition: We put our fists together and agreed that there would be no crying, no falling, no puking, and we'd get it done in thirty minutes or less. Now, no matter what race I am in, I chant that credo (keeping my time goal to myself, however) with anyone who is around me. Sometimes it's a complete stranger, but that person usually goes along with it; after all, nobody likes crying, falling, or puking.

Rosie gave me a tiny Turtle charm after the Shamrock 15k.  It is adorable, and I'm pretty sure it is magic.  I've decided that I'm going to carry it in my races from now on.  It will remind me that no matter what happens during my race, I belong to a group of awesome people, The Ohio Runners Network.  Runners are the most supportive community in the world.  Don't believe me?  Check out the running blogs that popped up after the tragedy at the 2013 Boston Marathon.  Whether it consists of chanting, dancing at the starting line, or fist-bumping, a tradition of support is a great thing to establish.

What is your tradition around races?