Saturday, February 2, 2013

Yoga--Yes, You Should.

I have always been a cardio-junky, but even before I was a runner, I knew that I had to balance the cardio with yoga.  I like yoga because it combines stretching and flexibility with strength training.  The breathing really helps me to calm my mind and focus; it's a great way to start the day.

I've got lots of Yoga DVD's (I've never taken a class, unfortunately), but I've really got two go-to programs:  Yoga Works and Rodney Yee.

This is how I look when I do yoga.

Yoga Works Body Slim is a good balance between cardio and strength training.  It's excellent for the core.  The lesson starts with ab work--crunches.  Then you go to the cardio part, which the instructor splits into three sessions alternating with what she calls "slow burn" sessions.  The cardio consists of sun salutations in increasingly challenging sets.  I love sun salutations because they help me to stretch my hamstrings and tone my arms (my arms are pathetic).  By the end of each set of sun salutations, I am a sweaty, trembling mess.  In between each set is a "slow burn" session, which basically consists of warrior sequences and forward falls (again, great for stretching the legs).

I like this DVD because it's a challenge every time I do it.  I like the way I feel when I finish; I feel that I really did a workout instead of just some light stretching.

In the next post, I will review Rodney Yee's  Power Yoga collections.