Sunday, June 15, 2014

Beach Running

This is sort of a bye week for the blog, as I am attempting to write this post on my iPad.  I've got no pictures that you would want to see, unless you'd like me to show you a deer again.  No?  Ok, then, I'll keep it short (sweet not guaranteed).

This was my first morning in North Carolina, and I tested the waters (see what I did there?) with a four miler on the beach road.  I didn't want to run directly on the beach yet because I don't want to deal with sand in/on my running shoes.  Maybe later in the week.

I ran at 6:00 AM, and there was a slight breeze coming off the ocean.  It was extremely humid, but it's humid in Ohio, too.  The road had a sidewalk, so I was safe from Sunday drivers.

The run was really pleasant with beautiful scenery, and as a bonus there was a cooler of ice water and cups outside the local coffee shop.  Thanks, coffee shop!  I anticipate checking out your version of a java chip frappucino later today.

I will take some pictures to post for next week.

Happy Father's Day!

Oh, and I lied.  Here is your gratuitous deer pic: