Sunday, August 11, 2013

SuperFanning It

Today was a significant race for the Towpath Turtles, the Perfect 10 Miler.  They have already run eleven miles on the long, slow run, but as we all know, racing is different.

Here we are AFTER the race, looking pretty. . .pretty badass, that is.
I was incredibly frustrated because I was supposed to run this race, and well, you know what happened.  The course is largely fast and flat (with a little hill at the end for some added torment), and I had planned to really push myself as a practice run for the Akron Half Marathon.  Needless to say, events did not go as planned, but I really wanted to be there. . .as a SuperFan.

One thing that makes our running club different is that we celebrate all runners.  That means that we cheer for everyone, and we cheer to the end.  Lauren and I met the Turtles before the race to wish them luck, then we drove to the midpoint of the race and cheered EVERY RUNNER who passed us.  Then we drove to the end to cheer everyone through the chute.  There were other supporters there who didn't seem to do much supporting.  They stood around silently while Lauren and I lost our voices hooting, hollering, joking with runners, promising beer and cookies at the end (we were lying about the beer) and uvulating every time we saw a Turtle.  No link here, folks, look it up if you don't know what it means.  Shannon was down the course from us doing the same thing, plus she had a cowbell (I have a fever . . for more cowbell).

It really was a lot of fun.  So many runners thanked us or laughed or smiled at us, and I remembered what it feels like when someone, ANYONE, acknowledges me in a race.

So far I have been able to SuperFan one race and volunteer twice for the Burning River 100 Mile Endurance Run.  Each time I have given my time and effort, I have received a return that was greater than my investment.  In the case of Burning River, that is literally true: I arrived with nothing and left three hours later with a watermelon, a case of ginger ale, and two jugs of water.  Anyway, you know what  I mean.

Well done today, Towpath Turtles!  You rocked the 10 Miler!

This is Shannon and me, with one good pair of legs between us!