Sunday, June 9, 2013

Look out for the Geese-Wrangler!

Geese are nasty and mean.  Swans are nastier; they are essentially snakes with wings. . . but I digress.

Today Heather and I put in five miles before the Turtle run of an additional five miles.  We were on the Bike and Hike trail, and if we weren't both so miserable in the first couple of miles, it would have been beautiful.

We knew the geese were coming when we had to start dodging their "little gifts" on the trail.  Sure enough, ahead of us was a gang, about twenty of them, waiting to jack us up.

This is EXACTLY how the geese looked.  I'm not joking.

I used my superior intellect and innate connection with Nature and started clapping my hands to get them off the path. . . and it worked!  "You can always be a geese-herder if the teaching thing doesn't pan out," said Heather.  I have to say, I took a certain amount of pride in the fact that with my quick wits I averted a violent end for the both of us.
Next week, I tackle swans.  Maybe.