Sunday, May 12, 2013

You Run Like a Mother!

Today was the Munroe Falls Mother's Day 5k.  It is the first race I ever ran, and it is lots of fun.  Today was even more special because I ran it with the Towpath Turtles, and we have snappy new shirts this year.

This is EXACTLY how I look when I am freezing my ass off in May.

Normally I complain about 5ks because if you really want to do your best, you have to know that there will be lots of discomfort, even some hurting.  If you are not at the very least uncomfortable during a 5k, you aren't running hard enough.  I like the Stop-and-Smell-the-Roses attitude of the 15k or the half marathon.  Today I felt more relaxed than I have ever felt before a race.  Normally I can't get to sleep the night before, and I worry about parking and bathrooms the whole time.  None of these things were problems this year, and I attribute this to the fact that it's a small race (last year there were about 400 participants) and that I've run a few races now, so I know the drill.

My main worry was dodging the strollers, the children, and the walkers.  I had a vision of me flopping on my face and ruining seven years of orthodontia after trying to go around a stroller with a family dog attached to it.  Luckily, it never happened.  I lined up with Deidre, Teresa, and Julie (as I do for almost every race), and when I got through the starting gate, I took off, dodging, picking, and rolling like LeBron.  Ok, maybe more like this guy.

I glanced at my Garmin near the end of the first split, and I noticed I was doing an 8:45 minute/mile, which is impressive, but the WRONG THING TO DO if you want to try negative splits.  Oh well.  I couldn't see my official time because there were too many people crowded around the boards, but I did see that my pace was 9:03.  I haven't checked, but I'm pretty sure this isn't a PR for me.  That's ok; I left the race with my teeth and nose intact, and I got to cheer for some pretty terrific runners.

Towpath Turtles, you will always have a special place in your heart for your first race; this was mine.  I am so proud of all of you.  I stood at the gate and watched you come in, and it made me so happy to see how far you've come.  Congratulations!

Next week:  Rite Aid 10k.  Time to start worrying about parking and bathrooms.