Saturday, March 2, 2013

You Gotta Have Faith

It looks like my plans for running a half marathon in June are coming to fruition.  To recap, I have been worried that the Hall of Fame City Challenge would not happen in June.  For more details (and some griping), check my post here.

I received an email from Hall of Fame City Challenge which directed me to the site.  There, the race director assured us that there will indeed be a marathon in Canton, and it will be Saturday, June 15:

The Hall of Fame City Challenge was formed to take the place of the Canton Marathon, which never got off the ground for 2013. Fortunately, an organization was able to be formed quickly and there will be an endurance race in Stark County again this June.
While you may have heard conflicting news stories about whether there was going to be a race, or that there were going to be two races back to back, the Hall of Fame City Challenge is THE June marathon.

Considering is still selling registrations for this race, I'm starting to feel better about my chances.  I realize, though, that I have possibly overbooked myself during that month:

May 19th:  I'm running a 10k in the Cleveland Marathon (Because I registered super-early, I only paid 20 bucks for this event!)

May 25th:  Medina Half Marathon  (This is a free event!  Check it out on Facebook!)

June 15th:   Half marathon in Hall of Fame City Challenge  

I don't even know if there are any 5k's I'm supposed to run with the Turtles during that time.  I'm exhausted just looking at this!  

By the way, I caved, and I am running the 15k in the SARC's Shamrock 15k and 5k.  Without music, but I can't guarantee it's without bitching and moaning. 

This is EXACTLY what the hills are like in the Shamrock 15k.

  I'm going to really need some support on this one!