Sunday, June 5, 2016

Run away from Snapping Turtles!

Today ends week 1 of marathon training.  I feel pretty successful with my runs this week.

On Monday, instead of doing yoga, I wheedled The Kabyle Chef into walking/running three miles with me.  We definitely did more walking than running because The Chef has not been taking his daily walk/runs on the treadmill lately as he has switched to a mostly evening schedule.  He was feeling the pain, so I hope he realizes that he has to get back on the horse. . . so to speak.

This was before.  He wasn't so happy after.  He's cute though, right?

Shelby and I finished the week with twelve miles on the Towpath.  Twelve sweaty, humid, muggy, and sometimes rainy miles.  The first nine miles were almost effortless; we chatted so much that we didn't feel any sort of discomfort.  Then, at mile 9 it kicked in.  Suddenly we were very quiet. . .too quiet.  Shelby likes to run ahead of me in the last miles; she calls it "smelling the barn" (Horse people are weird).  I think this is a great challenge for me because my energy tends to lag big time in the last miles.  Luckily for me, Shelby knows what I'm thinking when I stop talking, and she turned to me in the last mile and shouted back, "This is not one of those runs where you think about running a marathon later."  Thank you.  That was EXACTLY what I was thinking, as in, "How in the HELL will I run 14.2 MORE MILES on marathon day?"  So, I listened to the boss and stopped thinking about it.  Instead I thought about ginger beer.


A nice breeze in the last miles as it started to cool down a bit.

A huge snapping turtle.

This is not EXACTLY the snapping turtle we saw.  I was afraid to stop and take his picture because he was telling me he would bite my toes off if I did stop.
As a Bondi Band Ambassador, I was lucky enough to receive my first pair of compression socks.  I'm wearing them now to recover.  The first time I tried them on, I was in heaven!

It's like a thousand fingers massaging my legs!  And they are animal print!
I love these socks.  I wear them after my intervals, tempos runs, and long runs.  I already knew I love Bondi Band headbands, but now that I know I love compression wear, I may be their best customer.  If you want to purchase any Bondi Band products, use my code (TroubleRun) to get a 10% discount.  Check out the cool designs on the compression socks--argyle! pirates!

My real challenge starts next week, Peeps.  I'm going down South to visit the family, and I've got to keep up the training. Will I survive the heat and humidity?  I know I can do short runs in that kind of weather; I'm worried about my long runs.  We shall see.

Until then, run happy, Peeps!

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