Monday, May 30, 2016

Run away from Cicadas

The cicadas are back!

Ugly little suckers.  Noisy, too.
My son is terrified of cicadas.  He won't walk down the driveway without screaming like a baby.  So, I've got that going for me.  I've often said that the sound of the cicadas is what serial killers hear before shaving their heads and climbing a bell-tower to shoot everyone.  Not that I've ever thought about this.

I am off antibiotics, so it's time to get my head back into the game.  My next race is in August, Leg 7 of Burning River, which is about 15 miles.  The next weekend I have Ragnar Trail Relay in West Virginia, where I will run 30 miles.  During this time, I will be training for the Akron Marathon at the end of September.  It will be my first marathon.

Those of you who know me know that I am not comfortable asking for favors or showing that I need something.  This has been a very vulnerable time for me (3 family deaths!  2 in one week!), so last week I broke down and told Shelby that I needed her to run the Akron Marathon with me.  I never say I need anyone or anything, so she was a bit shocked, I think.  I'm so lucky to have her as my friend.  Who else will listen to my bullshit?

This is EXACTLY how I look when I beg Shelby to run my first marathon with me.

Bedford Reservation.  Beautiful!

On a completely unrelated note, I am now a Bondi Band ambassador, Peeps.  I love Bondi Bands because they are the only band that keeps sweat wicked away from my eyes.  I sweat A LOT.  You can see in the picture above that Shelby and I are both  sporting Bondi Bands.  If you ever decide to order any of their products, use my code (TroubleRun) to get 10% off.

This is my first official week of training for the marathon.  I have finally cobbled together a program based off of about three different books and a webpage.  My prep will basically consist of three different types of runs: the tempo run, the long run, and intervals.  I will also have easy runs in there to help ramp up mileage. The part I couldn't figure out was how to safely ramp up the mileage while making it fit my lifestyle, which is why I had to consult so many charts.  Then I printed out a blank calendar and wrote those miles into the days when I intend to run.

Today I started with a 3 mile hike at Adam Run with the kids.  We saw two salamanders.

Say hello to my leetle friend!

One thing I like about my plan is that some of the runs are shorter than what I'm used to.  This will allow me to add in strength training after a run. Normally I devote separate days to yoga and lifting, but now I can add it in on short-run days.

I'm excited to train for my first marathon.  Will I feel this way in four weeks?  Who knows?  Right now my first challenge will be to run in Florida.  I am not a fan of heat and humidity, but I'm sure it will make me a stronger runner.

What are you training for, Peeps?  I hope that you are able to run happy this week!

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