Monday, October 14, 2013

6 Weeks More

And there you have it.  My x-ray says that the foot is still broken, although it is slowly healing.  This time the orthopedist tried to put a positive spin on it, which I appreciate, since last time I ended up sobbing like a baby.

Thinking Positively:

1.  I don't need to go back to the boot, and the insert Bill lent me is working nicely.  (@Bill:   I told her, Bill does for me what you can't.  I don't think that came out right.)

2.  I can do any exercise that doesn't involve high impact.  This means walking, aqua jogging, swimming, and YOGA!!!!

3.  Life could be worse; I could have a stinkbug infestation.

This is EXACTLY what I don't want to see around my house.  The little buggers have been crawling into our garage entry keypad and freaking out the kids.

The Bummer:

1.  If the foot doesn't heal in six weeks, I may have to have surgery.  Doctor says that she has only had to do this twice.  With my luck. . .

2.  I was hoping to sign up for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Half Marathon, which takes place at the end of April.  I still might be able to run it, but I'll have to wait and see, and we all know what happens to prices (and open spots) when runners wait.


In the meantime, I will continue to be the cheerful, grin-and-bear-it, uplifting blogger you have grown to know and love. . .as long as the booze holds out.