Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Let's Run Together

"Let go your heart; let go your head, and feel it now."  These are the words I sang along with David Gray on my playlist this morning.  I touched my heart, and I touched my head, and I pictured the pain, grief, and fear I have been feeling float away into air I left in my wake as I ran to the finish in my ten-mile run in the sun this morning.

Had you told me a year ago that I would be running ten miles in twenty degree weather in order to experience catharsis, had you told me that I would have willingly awakened early on a Sunday morning in order to do this, had you told me that the tears I shed were of joy, not sorrow. . . Well, I would have sarcastically laughed, poured another drink, and asked you if a bear would be chasing me when I did this.  I wouldn't have believed you because I didn't believe in myself.  Running can help.  Running changed my life for the better.  Run with me; run away from your troubles, and you may find one day that you are not running away from a problem, but running to a solution. 

 I did.