Sunday, January 29, 2017

Who's Your Ambassador?

Who is incredibly attractive, witty, talented, hard-working, has a fabulous smile, and. . .

NO!  Let me finish the question!!! We are not talking about Meryl!
Who is incredibly attractive, witty, talented, hard-working, has a fabulous smile, AND is a 2017 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Ambassador? Well, yes, it is true that I could be talking about ANY of the Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors, . . .

DAMN, we are a good-looking bunch of runners!

BUT I'M NOT. It's me. I'm a 2017 Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Ambassador!

Wait, that isn't very flattering.  Let me get a different picture.

No.  Just. NO.
This is EXACTLY how I look when I'm excited to be a Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Ambassador!
And excited to eat Mitchell's ice cream.

I am so lucky for this opportunity, Peeps. It's my third year, so hopefully I have a clue about what I'm doing this time around. I do know this: It is the 40th anniversary of the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon, and to celebrate, anyone who runs the 10k, half marathon, or marathon will receive this bonus swag:

Look at this mighty cool keychain!

Check out this shirt!  I love it!

It's a big race, Peeps; anything can happen. Last year was the #mostClevelandraceever with hail, snow, ice, rain, and waterspouts. I'm excited to see the topper this year. I hear from Buffy Summers that there is a Hellmouth in Cleveland; maybe it will open up.

What am I running?  I'm going to hold off on answering that question. I have a plan, but it's a sneaky plan. I don't want to commit to anything yet. I will say this: I plan to run my butt off (there is a lot of butt to run off), have fun, and drink beer.  Join me by registering here.  

Wanna try your luck at a giveaway? My fellow ambassadors and I are taking turns each week with a free entry for one race in the series (I'll explain more about choices next week).  Follow us and take your chances!

Oh, my training?  You want to know what I did?  Well, today I ran twelve miles of Towpath with my running friend Shelby.  We were cold and miserable. I swore a lot.  It was great.

I look forward to running with you in Cleveland.  Until then, run happy, Peeps!

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