Friday, December 30, 2016

Payday 2016

It's payday, Peeps!

Not my work-payday (although it is actually my work payday), what I mean is that today is the day I pay myself for all the miles and races I ran. I started this about three years ago when I got the idea from another blogger, and I think it's a big motivation for me.  How does it work?

First, I take the total number of miles run this year (tracked on Daily Mile): 1379. Not too shabby, huh? My goal was 1500, but I had to stop running early this year due to some minor surgery last week.  Nevertheless, I'll take it.

Next, I subtract the number of racing miles I ran this year: 122.

1379-122= 1157

Ok, I decided this year to pay myself $.50/mile for non racing miles and $1.00 per mile for racing miles.  I also award myself $5.00 for each PR, and this year I had four of them.

Here is what I have so far:

Non-racing miles: 1157 x .50 = $578.50

Racing miles = $122

PRs: $20


$578.50 + $122 + $20 = $720.50

Seems like lot, right?  But wait!  I have to SUBTRACT racing fees.  Uh oh.

Racing fees: $475 (This is an estimate.  I should have kept a spreadsheet, but I AM AN ENGLISH TEACHER, NOT A MATH PERSON. STOP JUDGING ME!)

$720.50 - $475 = $245.50


What will I do with this money?  I have a special savings account that I keep for this purpose.  That money will fund my eventual running of the Paris Marathon!  Oui, oui, bebe!

This is EXACTLY how I will look in Paris!
If you are like me, and you need a boost that goes beyond kicking your own ass all the time, you might try paying yourself for your fitness.  Yes, I realize that you are paying yourself WITH YOUR OWN MONEY (as my brother helpfully pointed out to me as if I am an idiot-child), but again, if you are like me, you probably wouldn't put aside that amount of money for yourself without a good reason. Parents give their time, their money, and their energies to their families, but they rarely give to themselves without some prodding.  Consider me your cattle prod, Peeps (ummm. . .that doesn't sound right).

YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN: you have my permission to reward yourself for taking care of you.  Find something you like: clothing, an outing with a friend, a luxury item, and work towards that goal. It helps on the days you don't want to get out of bed at 4:30 AM to do a tempo run. Well, usually it does.

Well, it has been a hell of a year.  I've accomplished so many running goals: Ragnar Trail Ultra, Burning River Relay, MY FIRST MARATHON (Akron Marathon).

I've run in hail, rain, sleet, snow, sunshine, and waterspouts, all in the same race (Cleveland Half Marathon). I've made new friends and kept the old (Cleveland Marathon Ambassadors).

It has been a great running year for me, and I am setting my sights high for 2017.  Stay in touch to read about my future goals (as soon as I can figure them out).  Until then, run happy, Peeps!

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Hinckley Trails

Sometimes you just gotta shake up the ol' routine, Peeps.  That is why this Sunday I tried something different: I ran a trail I didn't know with a group of people I didn't know.

I thought I was joining a Mother Runners trail run, but it turned out to be a mishmash of Medina runners (say that five times fast), most of whom I recognized from lurking on various running sites.  I was a bit intimidated at first because Medina Road Runners are super-speedy, but the leaders of the pack were very kind about slowing down and waiting for the rest of us to catch up.

The trails were beautiful, especially with the snow coming down.  They were difficult in some places, too.  One mile of very technical climbing, which included my choice to scoot down an incline on my ass.

This was steeper than it looks.

Runners waiting at the bottom.

I got a lot of bang for my buck here.  In 7.71 miles I experienced the following fun: a stream crossing (nothing like getting your feet wet in feels-like-10-degree weather), a huge hill that I made my bitch, climbing down from Whipp's Ledges, scooting on my butt for part of it, nice running companions, beautiful scenery around Hinckley lake, and this suprise bonus:

I found a decorated Christmas tree on the trail!

It's always good to step outside your comfort zone, Peeps.  It's important to me to try new things, but mostly it's important to me to expand my world a little bit.  I tend to get grouchier and more set in my ways as I get older. What?  STOP LAUGHING.   It's good to listen to others and try to be nice once in a while.  I hope I can run with my new friends sometime soon!

How will you step outside your comfort zone, Peeps?

Whatever you do, I hope you run happy!

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Monday, December 5, 2016

Tryptophan Run

Last Sunday I ran off some Thanksgiving weekend irresponsible eating.  The Tryptophan Run, sponsored by Vertical Runner Hudson, is held the Sunday after Thanksgiving every year in Hudson.  The weather was perfect--not too cold and a bit sunny.

The Tryptophan works like this: There are three routes you can run in any combination during the two-hour run.  You drop a ticket with your name in a bucket for each mile of your run.  At the end of the run there is a drawing for cool prizes--t shirts, shoes, and race entries.  I didn't win anything, but I sure had fun.

My first fun surprise was my reunion with Joy, with whom I haven't run since our Ragnar Trail Appalachians race.  She messaged me the night before and said she was coming with me.  Yay! Here are some pictures of our running history in case you've forgotten:

We ran with Jen, and I was so happy because I haven't run with her in forever either.

Jen and I are at the Natatorium 5k here.

My second fun surprise was a playground on one of the routes.  We climbed up a cool rock wall and went down the slides:

Joy didn't get the memo that you aren't supposed to land on your dupa.

It was great to run nine miles with my peeps:

And I really appreciate the generosity of the businesses and race directors in our running community:

This is Jim Chaney, Race Director for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Marathon, Half-Marathon, and Relay.  He was offering STEEP discounts plus giveaway entries at the Tryptophan.  Check out this race, Peeps!  The swag is amazing and the event is a good time.

Seriously, Peeps, think about the local business owners when you do your holiday shopping this year.  Our money goes to people who in return support our community. I can't think of a better way to make a direct difference in our local economy.

I'll leave you with one last picture from my run this Sunday with Shelby and Mandy.  We ran on the Towpath, and we had a great conversation.

Post-run.  10 miles for me

The weather is starting to get cold, and I figure I have maybe one good long run left before I have to take a short hiatus for some minor surgery.  I'm sure you are eagerly anticipating how crabby I will be when I'm not running, since you remember how gracefully I waited out my broken foot a few years ago.   Get those runs in now while we aren't freezing our butts off.  Until then, run happy, Peeps!

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