Sunday, January 24, 2016

What's on the Table?

It is January 24, 2016, and I haven't finished figuring out my racing goals.  This is what I've got so far in actual registrations:

May 14: Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon 8k

May 15: Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Half

I'm really excited about these two races for several reasons.  The first reason:

I'm a #RunCLE Ambassador!  Yay!
The second reason is because I've never run two big races on consecutive days.  The closest I've come is running two trail races, a 5 miler on a Saturday and an 8 miler on a Sunday.  This race series excites me because it gives me a new kind of mental and physical challenge.  How will I race them?  Will I treat the half marathon as my weekly long run?  My gut tells me that I am not capable of running a race without trying to PR, and the Cleveland course has a special place in my heart.  It is much more runner-friendly than the Akron course.  The only reason I haven't done so well in Cleveland is because of the weather (last year) and the time of year, since I don't train well during the winter months.  This year I have a treadmill, so things may be different.

May 28: Medina Half Marathon

I signed up for this half on the day that I ran it last year.  It has been a tradition for me since it started three years ago.  I haven't PR'd on this race either for pretty much the same reasons as with Cleveland.  I enjoy this race, though, because I work in Medina and I love to see my colleagues, my students, and my former students on and around the course.

The medal is pretty sweet, too.
August 6: Burning River 100 Mile Relay

I will be leg 7 in an 8-person relay team for the Mother Runners.  My leg is about 15 miles, and it will happen in the wee hours of the night.  I'm really excited about this because I've volunteered for Burning River twice, and it was fascinating to see the runners.  This distance will be the longest racing distance I've ever done at one time.

August 12-13: Ragnar Trail Appalachians WV Ultra Relay

Ok, I know that in my review I said I'd never run this again, but This. Is. Different.  I have got to get this one done right, and these are different circumstances:

1. It is in August, not June, so hopefully it will be warmer with no monsoons.  Thank you, Ragnar, for changing the date after years of Tent City devastation.

2.  My father won't be in a coma in the hospital, so I won't be frantically trying to get cell phone reception in the middle of a forest in the mountains so I can find out if he is alive.  I'm putting the rest of my family on notice: You all had better take care of yourself during this weekend.  I have to take the whammy off this race, and I can't deal with your problems, too, while I'm doing it.

3.  This time I will be part of a 4-woman ultra team with Jennifer, Leigh, and Joy.  I enjoy running with these ladies, and based on last year's race, I enjoy camping with Jennifer and Leigh.  I'm anticipating a more relaxed experience this year, while pushing myself physically.  This time I will be running a total of 30 miles in 24 hours, about 10 miles at a time.

4.  This time I will bring more hoodies, more towels, and lots more food.  I will enjoy myself.  I will eat lots of Smores, and I will drink beer and take naps, and do yoga, when and if I feel like it.

I will run through this arch with flaming torches again.  Oh yes, I will.

You can see that my calendar is concentrated in May and August.  Yes, I am still stupid, but this time I will be smarter about being stupid.

I'm not finished with races.  There will be 5Ks and 10Ks and maybe a 15K sprinkled in there, but the race I haven't registered for yet, well, you know what that is.  And if you don't?  Wait until I write about it next week.

Until then, run happy, Peeps!

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