Sunday, March 1, 2015

And the Winner is. . .

I know you want to know who won the entry to the #RunCLE Giveaway, so I will make this short.

Did you really believe me?

Today is March 1st.  It is no longer February.  WHY SO MUCH FREAKING SNOW, OHIO????  The weather was a balmy 25 degrees, but Erin and I had to battle Snowmageddon to be out in it.  We did eight miles on the Buckeye Loop in Merriman Valley, and in the 2+ hours we were out there, we only saw three other runners.  Let me tell you, snow plows are VERY SCARY.

This is EXACTLY how Erin and I look after running eight miles in slippery snow.
It's so wonderful to me that at this time last year Erin was lamenting the fact that she could only run two miles (which was my situation when I started running, too).  Now look at her!

This is EXACTLY how Erin and I look at 5:30 AM for the Akron Half Marathon  (me) and the Relay (Erin).
Erin and I will be running the Shamrock 15k in two weeks.  If this much snow is on the ground, I'm not going to be a happy runner.

Ok, Peeps, here we are.  First I want to thank you all for reading my posts and following me on Twitter.  I'm glad so many runners are interested in running the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon.   I hope you continue to run with me, and I'm also hoping we can all meet up in Cleveland.

The winner of the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon Giveaway is. . . Sadie B!  Sadie, I have sent you an email; if you don't get it, DM me on Twitter with your contact information.  I look forward to seeing you when we #RunCLE!

Don't give up hope, Peeps.  There are many other #CLEMarathon Ambassadors, and each week one will host a giveaway.  Click here to check them out.

I 'm so excited to run this race--hopefully, there will be NO SNOW!!!

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