Friday, April 5, 2013

Renewing My Relationship

I'd like to expand a bit on my last question (which I threw into an apparent void, since nobody really responded to it):

What do you do to renew your relationship with running?

Running and I are fairly new to each other--we've been serious for just over a year.  A year is long enough, however, for this Aries to start getting bored.  Commitment is difficult for me. . .ask my husband of eighteen years (Love you, Mon Petit Chou!); I constantly get bored with any kind of stability, which I often perceive as stagnation.  It often takes a lot of reflection for me to realize that I am NOT bored, that stability itself can be a very satisfying goal.  For example, I look at my husband, and I think about what our life was like last year, five years ago, ten years ago, twenty years ago, and I feel extremely grateful for what we have together now.  BAM!  I'm in love again.

How can I do that with running?

This is EXACTLY how I look when I renew my running vows.

One way is through my list of races and times.  I don't like to compete with other people, but I constantly compete with myself.  I like to check my times for all my races through, which is a free tracking site.  I often look at my times and think about how I felt when I ran those races.  Did I push myself?  Was I happy?  Then I compare my current practice times with those races.  Will I PR in the next 10k?  You bet I will!  Seeing the progress in the numbers makes me want to continue this relationship.

Another way I can renew my relationship is by reviewing my goals, both long and short-term.  I use to help me with this.  This online journal tracks my miles, pace, and how I felt about that moment.  I can look at my profile (or the widget on this blog) and see how far I've come toward meeting my goal of one thousand miles in 2013.  I can look at any entry and think about whether I should be working on speed, hills, or distance.

Yet another way is through this blog.  I look at my previous posts, and I remember how I felt at that moment in my life, and I realize how hard I've worked to get to this point.  I also realize that there will always be bumps in the road; some will be pebbles, and some will be boulders.  The blog helps me to remember that I got around the previous obstacles, and I'll get around any future obstacles, too.

Lastly, I would like to celebrate a short-term goal I made for myself this week (Spring Break):  I ran four days in a row, Baby!  While waking up at 7:00 wasn't my favorite thing to do, I am so glad that I started my day by renewing my relationship with running.  I'm taking tomorrow off (gotta clean the house sometime), but I'm going to rock a long run on Sunday.