Sunday, April 28, 2013

Grumpy Smurf Says. . .

I don't dislike rain.  I don't hate the cold.  I hate being wet and cold at the same time.  Unfortunately, at least four months in Ohio involve being wet and cold.  It gets a little old at the end of April.

This is EXACTLY how my run looked this morning.

Curse you, Weather Channel.

First of all, when I set my alarm for 6:45 this morning (a thoroughly respectable hour to get up and get ready for a long run), I didn't realize that I had accidentally turned my clock ahead an hour.  When the alarm sounded, I couldn't understand why it was so DARK.  Dumbass.  By the time I figured out that it was only 5:45, it was too late to figure out how to get more sleep without missing my wakeup time.

I hate waking up in the dark.

I ran a few miles with Stacie this morning, and I smugly told her that Weather Channel said it wouldn't rain until 10:45.  I was wrong.  I hate being wrong.  Stacie bugged out with the first few drops, and I was left trying to stop my stupid Garmin from going berserk in the rain.

Normally, I like to run by myself.  I like listening to my music and pacing myself.  Today, however, I ran the Munroe Falls loop AGAIN.  It's 1.25 miles, and after about the fourth loop, it's incredibly BORING.  I hate boring.

There was a sweet, old couple walking their dog who hailed me as I passed.  "You're at about five miles, aren't you?  We've been counting your loops."  That would have made me feel less lonely if I hadn't already been at seven miles with no other companionship in sight.

At 9:30 the Turtles started showing up, and I switched to parking lot runs.  Then I gave up and sat in my car shivering, eating a banana, and listening to the Garmin beep.  After a while, I shook myself out of it and joined the group.  I tried to get out of running (it was a timed- practice 5k),  but I could tell that the only way I could contribute to the group was by starting the race.  I managed one loop of the race, and then I just gave up and shivered and bitched until everyone finished.

The good news is that I put in at least eleven miles; I'm not EXACTLY sure how many I did because the Garmin wouldn't work correctly.

The bad news is that there was very little runner's high today.  I was mostly irritated the whole day.

I hate being irritated.

I'll end on a good note:  Because I did at least eleven miles, I'm sure I avoided killing my husband or one or both of my kids.  That is a good thing.  Plus, there is always booze.