Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bale of Turtles

The way to recuperate your running mojo?  An evening run with a bale of Turtles.  That's right, people; look it up.

I came home from my last teaching day before Spring Break tired, dejected, miserable.  Then I saw the post on Facebook for a Thursday night Towpath Turtle run.

Me to Husband:  Are you cool with leftovers tonight?

Husband:  Sure.

Me:  Because I'm outta here.

This is EXACTLY how I look when I run with Turtles.

I had a lot of demons to chase away, and thank heavens, so did everyone else.  It was nice running with Turtles, both experienced and new, and it was nice just being with people who don't care about my work or private life and just want to run.  And run we did.

Me:  Let's pick up the pace a little bit when we double back.
Shelby:  Ok.
Me:  We're not going crazy or anything, just speeding up a little.
Shelby:  Race you.

Challenge accepted.  At this point, I feel honor-bound to tell you that Shelby says she did NOT say, "Race you."  I responded to her that she was THINKING it and that it was our Vulcan mind-meld thing and I couldn't write THAT in the blog because people would think I'm weird.  ahem.

I finished my 4.75 miles by adding another speed spurt with Leigh.

I am happy; I found my mojo.

I think I'll get up and run tomorrow morning.

I love you, Man.